Our hosting company let me know they'll be doing maintenance Start: 2023-01-12 00:00 UTC
End: 2023-01-12 04:00 UTC

This is between 6-10pm central time the evening of January 11. Service may be impacted on this instance. Thank you.

Don't have to tell anyone here this:
New Patreon post! Why Mastodon is Better. Learn about our author-focused server and one main reason why I'm really preferring Mastodon over Twitter.



If you're a (author w/ a chronic illness), Epona Muse Publishing is pleased to announce we're currently reading for a new anthology. Visit publishing.eponaauthorsolution for more details. @bookstodon

Mastodon Tips

These tips were curated from posts on Mastodon.

1) use CWs liberally2) when threading, set first post to "public" and the rest to "not listed"3) don't forget the description text when posting images (had to work on that in Twitter too)4) throw in hashtags like it was Tumblr or Instagram when you want to reach beyond your followers5) pin and visit hashtags to find more people6) boost a lot



Hashtags on Mastodon (and other social media sites)

This is a list of hashtags that people may be interested in following broken down by subject. If you would like to suggest a hashtag for this list, please contact us.

Writing & Publishing

and are good for writers.


Groups/Distribution Lists for Authors on Mastodon

There are groups (or distribution lists) on Mastodon that are created specifically to follow. To follow, look for the group's name and then follow.



Mastodon Guides

This help document contains links to guides on using Mastodon compiled by people, which I've found helpful. Think of these as the "how to" manuals for Mastodon in general.



Who is taking care of writers?

I'm on a mission to help writers care for themselves so they can refill their creative well. The question I'm asking today is this: who is taking care of the writers?


Updated server images with information to our Patreon (patreon.com/eponaauthor) if you'd like to support the server even for $1/month and the link to the EAS support portal. Docs including some helpful things I've curated from bookmarked "toots" will be going up there.

Hoping to spend this week working on the niceties like some images for the main page, a link to our Patreon, and support. Setting things up so new support articles, how tos, tips, all that good stuff along with general EAS blog posts will show up here too. Thanks everyone for the support on this server. You all are the best!!!!!!

Right now I have the server set to moderate hashtags. Mostly I want to keep on eye on what's trending and so far it's been nothing hateful or bad. I'm approving ones I think are of interest to this server so they'll show up as trending hashtags

I have found a plugin to autopost WordPress posts to Mastodon. This means I will send instant notifications when I add new docs to the support hub. I'll also try to use a hashtag like so they can be searched here too.

I want to give a big welcome to everybody who has joined the server so far. Thank you! I'm so glad you're here and can't wait to talk writing. Feel free to dive in with introductions. I will be working on updating the server w/ more detailed description and I also want to create some Mastodon 101 tutorials over at the Epona Author Support portal.

Epona Author Social

EponaAuthor.Social is created for authors to connect and network. Keep us live by visiting https://patreon.com/eponaauthor and supporting the community. If you need support, please visit https://support.eponaauthorsolutions.com.